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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


West Yorkshire Playhouse

Quarry Theatre


      Designer:         Francis O’Connor

Lighting Designer:                    Paul Pyant

Sound Designer :                        Mic Pool

       Composer and Arranger :          Simon Beddoe 



Amanda Boxer, Zoe Boyle, Richard Cordery, Jamie Parker, David Peart, Simon Roberts, Ben Sandiford, Hannah Stokely





Williams's play … confronts head-on the big issue of American drama: the conflict between the necessary truth and the consoling lie.

This comes out with total clarity in Sarah Esdaile's richly detailed production...

It's especially good at the Williams trademark: what he called "human extremities of emotion"…

the big virtue of Esdaile's production is that it shows British actors are at home in this world of unbuttoned emotion and that Williams's attack on private and public mendacity – or "meandacity", as it becomes in Big Daddy's pronunciation – has lost none of its potency.


Guardian ****


This superb revival…


Telegraph ****


After three hours in the company of Sarah Esdaile’s skilful revival of Tennessee Williams classic study of southern discomfort it came as a surprise to step out into the chill air of a Leeds’ evening.

But there is no greater testimony to the consuming powers of theatre and a top class production than that it transports you from the dreariness of the here and now and plonks you in the midst of an exotic and passionate drama.


The Independent  ****


Sarah Esdaile’s production sublimely offsets the heartbreaking with the grotesquely funny. It’s suffused with aching loss and longing, booby-trapped with lies and cruelties that spring from unhappiness and deepdisappointment…

Esdaile’s production is crammed with piquant detail…A sure-footed take on a classic, with very sharp claws.


The Times ****


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