Cling to me like Ivy


By Samantha Ellis

Birmingham Rep, The Door

and Tour


Designer:         Ruari Murchison

Lighting Designer :                Simon Bond

Composer :              Simon Slater


Cast: Gethin Anthony, Amanda Boxer, Mona Goodwin, Edward Halsted, David Hartley,Emily Holt



This is that genuinely­ rare beast, a popular comedy with heart, brains and the stomach to make some difficult choices. Sarah Esdaile's production­ keeps things motoring nicely…

Guardian ***



"haunting" "beautiful"— 

The Stage 



 "intimate and charming...zingy...charmingly quirky"—

Music OMH


"a brisk drama (or brisket drama?) which is a blend of Arnold Wesker and Hollyoaks...Cling To Me Like Ivy certainly clings to the memory. Not a drama that is hair today and gone tomorrow"—

The Birmingham Post