Compact Failure


By Jennifer Farmer

Clean Break -Arcola Theatre and Tour


Designer:                   Ti Green

Lighting Designer :   Natasha Chivers  

Sound Designer/Composer:   Ilona Sekacz                                                         

          Cast:  Claire-Louise Cordwell, Lorna Gayle, Sharlene Whyte



This is not a great play. In fact it is quite little. But it has a scope, a rage, a spark of life about it that makes it compelling and thoroughly enjoyable. It confirms Farmer’s promise ,as well as that of director, Sarah Esdaile, whose edgy, beautifully acted production- played out on Ti Green’s little miracle of a set – is as tough and tender as Farmer’s script.


The Guardian ****


Sarah Esdaile’s fine, cross-cast production …The action is incendiary … This is a play about healing that hits where it hurts. Don’t miss it.


The Times ****


Director Sarah Esdaile"s ability to wring every ounce of emotion from the script and from her empassioned cast...render this a gripping. beauitfully staged and deeply affecting production.


Time Out


Director Sarah Esdaile never allows the pace to slacken evening at compact failure is time well worth doing




Sarah Esdaile's direction is very assured. She is no stranger to prison dramas as she also directed the highly acclaimed coyote on a fence . Her remarkable use of Ti greens minimal but effective locker-style set complete with hidden compartments is inspired. 


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