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2009 His Dark Materials 5

His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials


By Philip Pullman, Adapted by Nicholas Wright

Birmingham Rep, West Yorkshire Playhouse and Tour


Directors:        Rachel Kavanaugh and Sarah Esdaile

Designer:         Ruari Murchison

Lighting Designer:       Malcolm Rippeth

Puppet Designer: Blind Summit

Composer: Catherine Jayes


Cast:  Thomas Aldridge, Nick Asbury, Charlotte Asprey, Nick Barber, Daniel Brocklebank, Gerard Carey, Ian Conningham, Minnie Crowe, Josie Daxter Chris Ettridge,  John Hodgkinson, Tim Kightley,  Geoffrey Lumb, Emma Manton,  Amy McAllister, Emma Pallant, Ben Thompson. 



Kavanaugh and Esdaile keep the action moving, twitching and tumbling their obliging cast rapidly between worlds….a bold piece of theatre which held a packed audience enthralled.


The Independent