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Sarah Esdaile's lively, inventive production gives Debora Weston scope for an impersonation that, while enormously ingratiating, doesn't appear deliberately so.

The Independent


I warmly recommend Paul Minx’s one-hour play about Jacqueline Susann, the author of Valley of the Dolls… a coruscatingly intelligent performance from Debora Weston, who never mocks, patronises or worships… but draws a malevolently objective portrait”.


Sunday Times


Sarah Esdaile's snappy direction keeps things moving around and it is great fun to spend an hour with the original queen of pulp fiction


See How Beautiful I am


By Paul Minx


A one woman show about Jacqueline Susann


Jackie                  Debora Weston


Designer:  Matt Atwood

Sound: Simon Slater

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