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Speechwriting and Coaching

I write speeches and coach people in the delivery of those speeches: from weddings and barmitzvahs to corporate and business events. Many of my clients are well known and high profile. I will be as discreet with you as I am with them so no names named!

I can work at short notice and pride myself on helping you to combat nerves and bad habits and to be the best that you can be. I am also able to help you to express yourself in your own voice. Nobody will be able to tell that you have had help, but they will be impressed with your content and delivery.

Speaking in public is a major phobia for many people. It can  be important and even life-changing to confront those fears and make sure that you say what you want to say and in the way that you want to say it. I can help you.

Contact me for more information.


"Sarah is my no 1 go-to person for clients who need help either with corporate speech-writing and/or presentation. I know that she will give them confidence and that it will be their voice and not hers that is heard"


Anita Land - Leading talent agent

" Sarah has a great ability to tune into people with empathy and understanding, whilst remaining objective and managing the tone of all of her speeches, brilliantly, Her ability to instil trust in relationships from the offset, makes everyone feel safe and confident to work closely with her.  This is a gift that brings out the best in all of the people to whom I have introduced her and is particularly valuable when the content of the speeches is both sensitive and fragile. She is extremely responsible, dynamic and supportive. Sarah has been instrumental in guiding myself and members of my team in areas of content, confidence, delivery and messaging, She has enhanced our charity and supported our projects enormously over five huge events."

Sam Jacobs

Future Dreams - Breast cancer charity

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