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By Roald Dahl, adapted by David Wood

Octagon Theatre, Bolton


Designer:                 Janet Bird

Lighting Designer :              Chris Davey

Sound Designer :         Matt McKenzie

Composer :            Simon Slater


Cast:  Richard Booth, Philip Bosworth, Sarah Finigan, Emma MacLennan, Macy Nyman, Roddy Peters. John Seaward




The big news in BFG-land is that Mark Rylance is brushing up his gobblefunk in order to play the benign colossus in a new film version by Steven Spielberg due to appear this summer. Meanwhile, Sarah Esdaile’s smaller-scale though perfectly phizz-whizzing version of David Wood’s theatrical adaptation should keep any giant cravings at bay.


Guardian ****


A big-hearted and excellently staged production of a children’s classic.


The Stage ****


Bone-crunchingly good, fast-paced, funny and magical, the BFG is guaranteed to be a smash hit this festive season.


Manchester Confidential  ****

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