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The Boys Next Door

By Tom Griffin

The Grace Theatre

( Now Theatre 503)


Designer          Lisa Robinson

Lighting Designer        Aideen Malone

Sound Designer           Chris Woburn

Costume Designer:      Estelle Butler


Cast:  Rupert Degas, Brian Finnerty,  Joe James, Mark Heenehan,  Adam Henderson, Laurel Lefkow, David Mounfield, Trevor Thomas, Margaret Tuckley



Sarah Esdaile keeps the pace cracking along at sitcom speed, allowing the weight to fall on some of the quieter moments…

Time Out

Critics Choice


Making a tremendous contribution to the evening, apart from the flawless cast, is the director, Sarah Esdaile. She has a sure hand, an eye for good staging and, more importantly, an ear for the true sound of dramatic presentation. It’s a rare gift and she uses it wisely and with obvious relish.

The Borough news


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