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The Grouch


By Ranjit Bolt, after Moliere

West Yorkshire Playhouse


Designer:           Ruari Murchison

Lighting Designer :          Malcolm Rippeth

Sound Designer :                         Mic Pool

Composer :                 Simon Slater


Cast: Allan Corduner, Chris Ettridge, Denise Gough, Lizzie Hopley, Habib Nader, Stephen Pinder, Andrew Price, Ben Sandiford, Kate Walker




There is a gratifying unity of intention in Sarah Esdaile’s directorial debut for the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Her springboard is Ranjit Bolt’s modern-day version of The Misanthrope, in which all of the elements – acting, design, music – do complete justice to the source material.

The Times ****


Sarah Esdaile's chic direction


York Press

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