The Lady in The Van


By Alan Bennett


Hull Truck Theatre and Tour


Designer:          Ben Stones

Lighting Designer :         Chris Davey

  Sound Designer:            Peter Rice

Composer:       Simon Slater


Cast:  Nichola McAuliffe, Tina Gambe, Emma Gregory, James Holmes, PaulKemp, Fiz Marcus, Ben Sandiford, Martin Wimbush


Second Cast:  Nichola McAuliffe, Paul Kemp, Ged McKenna, Sean McKenzie, Fenella Norman, Dale Rapley, Sophie Robinson, Karen Traynor




If there is such a thing as 'must-see-theatre' then this is it.




The evening gives you a masterclass in what regional theatre can achieve at it’s best…. As, actually, does Sarah Esdaile’s new touring revival for Hull Truck of The Lady in the Van, Alan Bennett’s funny and touching play about the years he spent in awkward proximity to the eccentric, odoriferous old lady who parked outside his Camden home.... Recommended.




Hull Truck's production has its spectacular set pieces - including the van and a smoking Reliant Robin, both of which Miss Shepherd triumphantly drives on to the stage - but its power lies in the way that Bennett's inner thoughts are so convincingly portrayed...

Hull trucks touring revival of Alan Bennett's play is a beautifully performed and directed piece of theatre. .... Skilfully directed by Sarah Esdaile 





Esdaile's assured, fluid production digs out the play's poignancy and its oddly magical undertones