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The Maiden's Prayer



By Nicky Silver

The Bush Theatre


Designer:         Nathalie Gibbs

Lighting Designer:    Matthew Atwood 

Composer:           Simon Slater


Cast:  Eric Loren, Madeleine Potter, Adrian Rawlins, Michael Simkins, Debora Weston



The play is sensitively directed by Sarah Esdaile, who brings out the pain lurking under the high gloss living.


The Guardian


Esdaile’s production does Silver proud on his first British outing. …the production has both pace and delicacy. ..this is a balanced, intelligent and thoroughly enjoyable work.

Evening Standard


Sarah Esdaile’s production and a sharp cast never let the fall-out get sentimental…it’s a wicked, wisecracking couple of hours.


Independent on Sunday


Neatly directed by Sarah Esdaile, and mixed with heady performances from a juicy cast. This play is like a cocktail with a delayed impact. One or two scenes hit you immediately, then the rest just seep into your system.

After the laughter’s over then the taste of other people’s neuroses stays with you for a long time.



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