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Theatre Royal Bath and Tour


Designer: Francis O’Connor

Lighting Designer: Paul Pyant

Sound Designer: Mic Pool

Composer: Simon Slater


Cast: Stephanie Cole, Siobhan Redmond, Karl Theobald



★★★★  “At first appearance this trio of talking heads might seem like

gentle entertainments to be taken in with a cup of tea,

but Sarah Esdaile’s production is a reminder that they are upsetting enough

to leave you wanting to crack open the gin, and subversive without being condescending.”  

Sunday Times


★★★★ "Laced with generous supplies of humour ... Bennett's TV monologues

 transfer effortlessly to the Theatre Royal's stage"

The Stage


"Glistens with gold - Stephanie Cole matches the hallowed

memory of Thora Hird, high praise"

Daily Telegraph


“This trio of Alan Bennett monologues may be dated but it still resonates”

The TImes


"Sarah Esdaile’s production, with these three fine actors

capturing every nuance of the characters, is beautifully done and

 a delight for Bath audiences"

 Fine Times Recorder


★★★★★ "Brilliantly cast, the performances are intensely intimate and quite beautifully realised"

 Stage Talk Magazine

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