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By Rufus Norris

The Crescent Theatre, Birmingham Rep


Designer: Francis O’Connor

Lighting Designer: Paul Pyant

Sound Designer: Mic Pool

 Composer: Catherine Jayes


Cast:  Moyo Akende, Jofre Alsina, Jenna Augen, 

Alex Clatworthy, Tomm Coles, Nicholas Goode, 

Gregory Gudgeon, Joanna Hickman, Elizabeth Marsh, 

Ciaron Owens, Dan Willis




It is skilful: Sarah Esdaile deploys her

supporting cast so well that I thought

there were more of them, and Catherine Jayes’s

music is both lovely and disturbing. It echoes

Kneehigh, Jerusalem and indeed Sweeney Todd.

It is arty, witty, classy, funny. But for

heaven’s sake don’t take anyone very small

who’s prone to nightmares.

The Times  ****


Esdaile's production … is atmospheric,

full of strange shrieks and screams, as well as

some very nice touches: at one point,

the entire stage becomes the sleeping princess's bed.

It also boasts a gnarled design by Francis O'Connor

that conjures the dark thickets of the forest and the imagination alike.

An added touch of playfulness comes from two long slides that

hug the sides of the auditorium.

Fun for everyone, except perhaps die-hard vegetarians.

The Guardian ***

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