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By Arthur Miller


West Yorkshire Playhouse

Quarry Theatre


Designer: Francis O’Connor

Lighting Designer: Chris Davey

Sound Designer: Mic Pool

Composer: Simon Slater


Cast:  Marion Bailey, Sarah Ball, Nick Barber, Russell Bentley,

Tomm Coles, Christopher Ettridge, Tom Hodgkins, Philip Jackson,

Poppy Roe, Lex Shrapnel, Adam Venus, Maya Wasowicz




Esdaile tells Miller's story as faithfully and as powerfully as she can.

And it is magnificent.

Philip Jackson, the ubiquitous TV actor, seemed a strange choice for Willy.

He has proved any naysayers very wrong with a towering – and crumbling – performance.

Like his director's, his is a magnificent achievement. 

Yorkshire Post ****



Director Sarah Esdaile skilfully negotiates the no-man's land between fact and fantasy,

directing the flashbacks and Loman's hallucinatory moments

so that they are woven into the overlapping here-and-now…

It's 16 years since this play was last seen at this address, and Esdaile's

excellent revival presents it newly minted for a new generation. 

The Independent ****


There is a wonderful final image in Sarah Esdaile's revival of Arthur Miller's

great play of misplaced and broken dreams: Linda Loman and her sons trudging

along the road well travelled by her salesman husband, Willy – a road that has

previously been a highway to nowhere, but which now draws them towards an unknown future….

the production bursts into vivid, raging life just as Willy is slipping away.

We watch him, a big man suddenly rendered tiny,

who stands with hoe in hand, quietly digging his own grave. 

The Guardian ***

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